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Wisconsin Happy Farm

Racine County Fair
A Pictorial


     Not Far Off...
     To see pics from 2015 click here.

Memorial Day...     A time to remember and thank these courageous people for their service and sacrifice.



    President Obama Rejects the                     Keystone Pipeline!

President Obama issued a statement regarding his decision.  The statement may be found by clicking on the Hard Politics Page.

    Former Senator Russ Feingold

Holds listening sessions across Wisconsin


    For more info, please click on the Hard Politics Page.

 GE Closing Waukesha Plant

  Taking 350 Wis jobs to Canada

 For further details, please click on the Hard Politics Page.

   Quotes from Pope Francis'
                speech to the UN

  For more information, please go to the PEOPLE & PLACES Page

    Former Senator Russ Feingold
        came to the Walworth County Fair
                   on Labor Day.


 For more pictures, please click on the Hard Politics Page.

 2015 Walworth County Fair
               (a pictorial)


For more information, please go to the PEOPLE & PLACES Page

Don't forget... Walworth County Fair

Labor Day Weekend   September 2nd thru 7th, 2015


For more information, please go to the PEOPLE & PLACES Page

These are the people we should fight for...

    Stealing Our Vote & Our Voice

     Gerrymandering vs. Good News Reporting
                (Elbridge Gerry - Generally credited with creating Gerrymandering.)

    To see the story, please click our Legal Issues Page.

    A great man has left us.


"There’s going to be one killer blues session in heaven tonight." —President Obama on BB King.


                  She's in!


This image appeared on Facebook today.  We asked if this was true & for more info.  We were referred to a New York Times article. You may wish to read it for yourself. Thank you. (Senior Freedom Press staff)
Please click on New York Times Article.

U.S. Department of Education Report
  Shows Greater Need for Access to High-Quality           Preschool for Wisconsin’s Children

 For further details please click the People & Places Page

 Tuesday, April 7, 2015 is election day.
                                   (in Wisconsin and many places)


Pence's action is something we all want to know about. It is significant news because it involves his signature and Indiana's GOP instituting what would appear to be a Gay discrimination law... 
It appears that this law was brought to you by the same people that brought you Richard Mourdock in 2012.... The candidate who was quoted saying that God intended rape? 

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley Endorsed by
30 Wisconsin District Attorneys and 300 Sheriffs, Judges
and Law Enforcement Officials 
for the April 7 election
For further details, please click the legal issues page.

  Walker & Republican Cronies Sign RTW
    President Obama speaks out for Wisconsin workers

    For details, please click on the HARD POLITICS PAGE.

    Further Images from the Madison Protest


          To see more, please click on the Madison Page.
Even more Images of Madison Protest
        (These Images Courtesy of Steven J. Alexander)

   To see more, please click on the Madison Page.
More Images from Madison Protest
  To see more, please click on the Madison PAGE.

     Thousands gather at the Capital
  To protest Walker & Republican Legislature

  To see more, please click on the HARD POLITICS PAGE.

 It's Not The UW Budget They're After...

 To read more, please go to the HARD POLITICS PAGE

We have received a letter to the editor regarding Justice Ann Walsh Bradley

To view the letter please click on the Legal Issues Page.

   Students protest budget cuts!


   To see the story, please click on People & Places.
Emails to our representatives..
  We've sent another 6 emails to selected representatives         in Madison regarding their proposed education cuts.
   See email and addresses on our HARD POLITICS PAGE

 Concerned citizens write about Gov Walker &  Republican party education cuts in Wisconsin

 For further details, Please click on the Hard Politics Page.

      Justice Ann Walsh Bradley
         receives bi-partisan endorsement.
 For details, please click on the Legal Issues Page

The Answers from our six State representatives      regarding the proposed cuts to the UW System
                           are now printed.  
         To see these responses, please click on our

  An Open Letter to Governor Walker 

    While most of our legislators are hoping to remain invisible,
   an East Troy English teacher is speaking out about cuts to               education in Wisconsin.  

  In an open letter to Governor Walker, she uses such phrases as 

 " should have done some serious soul searching...", and

 "The ramifications of this move are nothing short of catastrophic",and 

side from clearly being anti-education..."

              To read her entire letter...
                        you may click on Open Letter to Gov Walker.

     (In our Monday posting, we will print the responses from our representatives                                          regarding the proposed education cuts.)

   State Senator Kathleen Vinehout       speaks out on the cutbacks to
   the Wisconsin University system

 To see her article, please click on
                                     the Hard Politics age.

  Medal of Valor ceremony for two Wisconsin
                        police officers

    To be hosted today (Wed Feb 11, 2015) by...
      Vice President Biden   and...
      Attorney General Eric Holder

   Vice President Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder will honor              officers from across the US.  Among the officers, are two Police                                            officers from Wisconsin.  
      For further details, please go to our PEOPLE & PLACES Page.

 Massive cuts to our UW System


Emails to our representatives..
  Based on current news and feedback from our readers,            we have sent the following email to selected                                 representatives in Madison.
   See email and addresses on our HARD POLITICS PAGE

    President Obama delivered his 6th
             State of the Union speech
                                  (Tuesday evening, January 20, 2015)

                         (Image from Senior Freedom Press files)

A transcript of his speech can be found by clicking on our Hard Politics Page.

  Wishing our Democrat friends a Democratic Christmas & hoping     that we all remember to give something to those less fortunate.
  Very best wishes.
  Senior Freedom Press

President Obama issued a press release today
                       regarding Cuba.
     He is making a number of changes regarding US policy with Cuba.

  For further information, please go to the Hard Politics Page

                 Chanukah begins at sunset

                      Tuesday, December 16, 2014

                  This article was copied from 'The Seattle Star' - 1909

                            Wishing a blessed festival...     From SFP
                                                                          End   12-15-14

Please remember to vote... Tuesday

Vote for the good guys...

Or even for the bad guys...

Just vote!!

(Cause, if you do, they'll know you're watching.)

Thank you.

 President Obama came to Wisconsin

       President Obama joined Mary Burke (Candidate for Wis Governor)             along with Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Milw Mayor Tom Barrett,               Susan Happ (Candidate for Wis Attorney General) & Milw County                   Executive Chris Abele.  
          For the rest of the story, please click the Hard Politics Page.

 Bill Clinton came to Wisconsin

         On Friday, October 24, 2014... 
    President Clinton spoke on behalf of 
      Candidate for Wisconsin Governor, 
                  Mary Burke.  
    They were joined by Congresswoman Gwen Moore.

    To see the rest of the story, please click HARD POLITICS.

  Mary Burke speaks out!


Mary gives her opinions in an op-ed article submitted by the Burke campaign. 

 To see her article, Please click to our Hard Politics Page
Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks

   at a rally for Mary Burke,
                            (Candidate for Wisconsin Governor)

   The rally began with a powerful leading speaker...
    Congressperson Gwen Moore

  Details & videos of speeches on our Hard Politics Page.

       Michelle Obama speaks at rally (for)

Wis Gubernatorial Candidate Mary Burke 

(also)     Congresswoman Gwen Moore

 Details & videos of speeches on our Hard Politics Page.


            Mary Burke
now endorsed by

   the Wisconsin Professional Police Association

    For further information, Please click on our Hard Politics Page

       Mary Burke (& others) now endorsed by

        Wisconsin League of Conservation voters...

     For further information, Please click on our Hard Politics Page


    Those who forget our history are destined to pay the price of repeating it.

      Gubernatorial Candidate Mary Burke 

     toured Southeast Wisconsin during the last week of July, 2014


      For images and details please go to the Hard Politics Page.

  Wisconsin Primary Election


      Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Candidate Rob Zerban reports...

"you can still register at the polls and

all you need is proof of residence -

no picture ID is required.

If you need help
finding your polling

you can go to"


We apologize for some of our images taking a long time to appear or not appearing correctly.  It's due to unwanted advertising appearing on our site.  We are waiting for Godaddy to resolve this. Please bare with us. Thanks much.
Just around the corner... (Wednesday, Aug 27 thru Monday, Sept 1)
  The Walworth County Fair

For details, please go the...     People & Places Page

Wisconsin Candidate for Attorney General

              Jon Richards 

   Vows to Protect Senior Citizens

In a press release Wednesday, July 23, 2014, Candidate Richards wrote...

"...I’m announcing a new proposal for a Senior Citizen Advocate in the Department of Justice.

This new position will work with local district attorneys’ offices across the state to protect seniors from fraud and abuse.

The Senior Citizen Advocate will work with lawmakers to draft legislation to enhance the rights and protections for seniors, because Wisconsin’s senior citizens deserve nothing less."

Richards continued by adding...

" ...our senior citizens, deserve an advocate who will fight for them.

Under my leadership, I’ll do more to ensure that issues specific to seniors are getting addressed, and that seniors in every corner of Wisconsin have an ally in the Department of Justice.

            Senior Freedom Press applauds this bold
                and innovative move by Richards.

End  July 25, 2014

 What are people on social media thinking
               about Eric Cantor?

      Pics from Twitter and Facebook

   For the rest of the pictures, please go to the... 
Hard Politics Page
   #End#      June 11, 2014

Good bye Maya. You will be dearly missed.

                  1928 - 2014

Click to see Maya Angelou recite her poem "Still I Rise."

   Remembering Memorial Day...

   Remembering Our Warriors...

       For the rest of our story, please go the...   

                                   People & Places Page.

What are people on social media thinking? 

     Our Vets...  Pictures from Facebook & Twitter

            For the rest of the pictures, please go to the... 

                               Hard Politics Page

      Latest Marquette Pole shows... 

   Mary Burke and Scott Walker 

        Below, is a press release from the Burke campaign...

Burke Campaign Statement on latest Marquette Law School Poll

MADISON - Following the release of the latest Marquette Law School Poll today, which showed a 46-46 tie

Burke for Wisconsin Communications Director Joe Zepecki released the following statement:

"The new direction and clear plan for growing Wisconsin's economy, creating more good paying jobs and strengthening the middle class offered by former Trek Executive Mary Burke stands in stark contrast to Scott Walker's failures. Under Walker, Wisconsin is 9th out of 10 Midwestern states in job growth and last year was the worst for private sector job creation since the Great Recession.  Wisconsin voters face a clear choice in this election between two very different approaches and it is clear that voters recognize that Walker's top down, trickle down approach that puts big corporations and special interests ahead of hard working Wisconsinites isn't working."

End              May 21, 2014

To see the complete press release, go to the...  
Hard Politics page.

The office of U.S. Representative Julia Brownley sent this image out today.  Brownley is from the 26th Congressional District, California.

                    For further info, go to the People & Places Page


                 For more info, click here to go to the Hard Politics Page


"In Tuesday's heated Senate session on election bills, Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) said that a Republican lawmaker 'hates blacks and Latinos."

           For more info, go to the Hard Politics Page



      A story of a young Sandhill crane left behind.
                           Go to People & Places Page

 Rob Zerban is in the Race!

On Saturday, October 26, 2013,   Rob Zerban announced that he is challenging incumbent Paul Ryan (R) for the U.S. Congressional seat covering Southeastern Wisconsin (1st Congressional District).


                     For more info, go to the Hard Politics Page

State Senator Tiffany Introduces Bill SB349...

SB349 Threatens Public Health...
Raises Local Taxes.

says Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

In a press release dated October 24, 2013, the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters states that State Senator Tiffany (R)  (Hazlehurst) introduced SB349 into the Wisconsin State Senate. 

 The League fears SB349 will

  • Prevent local authorities from enacting for local air and water quality controls.
  • Will keep local authorities from monitoring air and water quality.
  • Reduce the ability of locals to regulate clean up by polluters.

                 For further information, please go to the OUR HEALTH PAGE.

JOHNSON & RYAN Vote Shutdown

But, Was the Shutdown a Manufactured Crisis?
Go to the Hard Politics Page


Go to People & Places Page

Go to People & Places Page

   Which would you rather have...
      Another aircraft bomber or your medicare left alone?
      A bigger military or better housing for all our Seniors.

            (Tell us what you think.)

Due to the shutdowns on the East Coast and the holidays, Red Cross money & blood supplies are low.  Please consider donating, if you can.


    Interesting quotes...

   "You know you're getting old when your toys end up in          the antique store."

                                                                                                 (Larry's Country Diner)

As we continue to remember our veterans...
Thank you to those who gave so much.

Seniors and disabled, crowd into a Racine Hall to hear Michelle Obama speak.  Racine Wisconsin, Friday, October 19, 2012.

To see the rest of this story, click the Michelle Obama Page.


To see the rest of this story, click the
Hard Politics Page.


To learn more, click the PEOPLE & PLACES PAGE.

The Walworth County Fair
Photo Update

The Fair runs August 29th thru September 3rd, 2012
      To see a new photos,
    click the

August 14, 2012 Partisan Primary Results
The certified results
are beginning to come in. 
Walworth County and part of Kenosha County so far.

To see the results, click the...
Candidates/Elections button.

Racine County Fair - Photos

Blessed by forgiving weather, the Racine County Fair ended this past Sunday.  Entertainment ranged from judging of farm products to campaigning politicans.
We appologise for not having any pictures of the campaigning politicans.

To see the rest of this story, click the PEOPLE & PLACES PAGE.

    I love my Romney Care

The health plan is working in Massachusetts.   Good news for Obama CARE.  bAD NEWS FOR rYAN, Boehner AND THE gop.

To read the rest of this story, click the OUR HEALTH PAGE.

  Sister Simone Campbell Speaks Out:   
to seniors & disabled in...    Janesville, WI Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To read the rest of this story, click the Hard Politics Page.   Includes many more photos.

Wisconsin Dictatorship Ended
               (For the time being)

Wisconsin won a small but very significant victory.   John Lehman’s win in Racine sent reverberations throughout the State.

To see the rest of this story, click the Hard Politics Page.


Was the $3.6 billion deficit real?
                                 (or) Was it politics?

An examination of events that lead to Governor Walker's claim that Wisconsin was broke.  Was it real or just plain politics?

To see the rest of this story, click the Hard Politics Page.

Picking Up the Pieces: How 1999 changed our lives.

In 1999 Congress repealed the Glass-Steagall Act.   The effects of this action became apparent nine years later with the collapse of the U.S. economy.

To see the rest of this story, click the Hard Politics Page.

New Rental Law May Cause PROBLEMS for Seniors & Disabled

     A few weeks ago, Governor Walker signed a new Wisconsin Tenant-Landlord law.  Critics say that because Madison rushed the law (SB466) through, they made errors in the wording and that this has caused many of Wisconsin's tenant and landlord rights to be unclear, causing concern for seniors and disabled...  
To see the rest of this story, click the Legal Issues Page.


The first of the new Moyers Informative Journals.
Moyers asks us, “Why has our economy stopped producing?” 
He says that wages have become historically low and unemployment is at it's highest since the great depression.  Moyers sees the rich having greater wealth than at any time in modern history.
To see the rest of this story, go to the Bill Moyers page.

Media & the Economy

What you don’t know can kill you

                                                or somebody else’s child.”

A Review of the 2008 Moyers Speech – “Media & the Economy”

In 2008, Bill Moyers gave a speech about the need for media to return to the tradition of thorough reporting.  

Moyers says the Bush effort to go to war in Iraq began with the tacit permission of the existing media who relied on the misleading information that was intended to deceive Americans.  He said that if there had been better reporting, we might have known the truth about Iraq and probably wouldn't have gone to war...
To see the rest of this story, click the Bill Moyers Page.


Reviewing the next of the new Moyers PBS Journals.

The term "Crony Capitalism" was coined by guest speaker David Stockman in his new book.  Stockman, former budget advisor to President Ronald Regan, now says that the famous "Trickle Down" policy was a failure and expresses concern about how high level politicians have either worked for big banks or are heavily influenced by big banks...
To see the rest of this story, click the Bill Moyers Page.

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